A Rose Croix Oratory:
Rosicrucian Reflections & Resources
from a Knight of the Eagle and Pelican


A Rose Croix Oratory offers a comprehensive, powerful, and transformative system of self-directed inner work, drawing deeply from the waters of the Rosicrucian stream with its currents of Christian esotericism, Cabala, Magic, Hermeticism, Alchemy, and compassionate service to others. Combining his many decades of experience practicing and teaching contemplative and inner work with the fruits of his personal explorations, C.R. “Chuck” Dunning, Jr. provides a unique, insightful, and captivating journey through the history, symbolism, and philosophy of Rosicrucianism, particularly through the lens of the Scottish Rite Rose Croix degree. This book is a precious resource of inspiration and instruction, not only for those just beginning to sense their connection to the Rose and the Cross, but also the most experienced travelers through these sublime mysteries.

In A Rose Croix Oratory, Dunning explores the nexus between Rosicrucianism and the Masonic Rose Croix Degree. But he does far more than this: he provides a complete primer for understanding the essential history, symbols, principles, teachings, and objectives of Rosicrucianism in a fresh, holistic manner that seeks to inspire readers to go beyond merely sitting in lodge and attending meetings. The meditations, exercises, and rituals make A Rose Croix Oratory a valuable textbook for Rosicrucian self-initiation. This is a spiritual manual for those seeking to truly live a Rosicrucian life.” ~ Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, authors of Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition and The Essential Golden Dawn

“Rarely does a book deserve to be called an instant classic. A Rose Croix Oratory is one of the very few books I’ve seen recently that deserves that title. Using the Rosicrucian tradition as a bridge, it unites the worlds of Christian esotericism and Masonic teaching in an extraordinary synthesis complete with a richly developed system of inner psychospiritual practice. It will be of compelling interest to any student of the inner traditions of the West, and especially to any brother of the Craft whose search for ‘more light’ leads to the portals of the Mysteries.” ~ John Michael Greer, author of The Way of the Golden Section, The Ceremony of the Grail, and Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth

“Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism are like conjoined twins – ever connected and ever unique in their own ways. This peculiar union is no better expressed than in the 18th Degree of the Scottish Rite, the Rose+Croix Degree. Dunning’s personal journey through these Mysteries is a welcome example of ora et labora, ‘prayer and work’, applied to their intertwined paths through the lenses of Hermeticism and Christian esotericism. As such, this book will be of value to anyone with such interests, regardless of their affiliation or lack thereof, and it may even find itself as part of a broader curriculum for working groups as well.” ~ Mark Stavish, M.A., 32°, author of The Path of Freemasonry: The Craft as a Spiritual Practice

“Can Rosicrucian wisdom be consumed like a neatly packaged TV dinner, and will it yield the sustenance of the real thing? Some Rosicrucian Orders send cozy study materials that way. In contrast, Masonry leaves many things unsaid so that its esotericism needs to be unpackaged. A Rose Croix Oratory is the reward of one who has undertaken that journey for himself and opens the way for others to follow. The reader will start with a solid foundation in the tradition and gain the Rosicrucian mindset, and the symbols of the tradition are presented so that you can draw out the vital sustenance of that most holy Rosy Dew for yourself.” ~ Samuel Robinson, author of Alois Mailander: A Rosicrucian Remembered and The Rosicrucian Fraternities in the Wake of J.B.Kerning and Alois Mailander