Book review by Amicus Librarium (Supreme Council Library)

Book review by Amicus Librarium (Supreme Council Library) “The House of the Temple library presents a world-class collection of Masonic information for consideration by the public and interested brethren. As part of its mission, our library is driven by the ceaseless pursuit of knowledge – thus, it seeks to acquire as many volumes as possible, […]

Book review by Phoenix Masonry

Originally starting out as contemplative exercises or practices like prayer, meditation, breath work, chanting, and visualization, Dunning expanded his concept into a primer for those seeking to utilize Masonic symbolism and teachings in a way that is practical, accessible, inspiring, and profoundly transformative.

Book review by The Journal of the Masonic Society

The author, Brother Chuck Dunning, has been engaged in various forms of contemplative practice for over three decades and has also spent significant time in higher education, which is clear throughout the book from how it formulates its lessons.

Book review in the “Scottish Rite Journal”

Book review in the “Scottish Rite Journal” “Brother Dunning (Chuck, to his friends) is another friend of long standing.He is one of the wisest and most gentle men I know. I was honored whenhe asked me to write a foreword for this book. He is a psychologist. In additionto being a Class Director for the […]