Mission Statement

The following statements describe my intentions as an author, presenter, facilitator, and consultant:

My aims are to promote contemplative practice in Masonry, and to provide instruction, facilitation, and consultation to support individuals and groups pursuing it within the Fraternity.

My efforts will contribute to contemplative practice being commonly understood and supported as a natural and highly beneficial element of Masonic experience.

My service to this mission and vision is guided by the tenets, obligations, and charges I have freely accepted as a Mason, chief among them being these:

  • Truth – I speak honestly and plainly about contemplative practice. I represent myself accurately, present my opinions as such, and give credit to others who have contributed to my knowledge and understanding. I remain open to other perspectives and allow my own to change.
  • Relief – I offer my knowledge and skills for the benefit of others, that they may thus find something helpful for answering the challenges, managing the burdens, and maximizing the wisdom, strength, and beauty of their lives.
  • Brotherly Love – I regard every person as a spiritual equal and worthy of my respect, compassion, and care. I welcome and affirm a rich diversity of interests, talents, beliefs, identities, and lifestyles among my brethren.

-C.R. “Chuck” Dunning, Jr.