“Freemasonry and Meditation” on The Winding Stairs Podcast

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  1. I truly enjoyed the conversation when you both talked about how masonry, in the Fellowcraft degree is calling for us to be learners, or seekers, if you will. Something I have noticed when I am “actively” listening to the lectures within the degrees, I always seem to have more questions afterwards. Almost like they are giving the answers in the form of a riddle for us to discovery within ourselves.

    When I hear others speak of Masonic Education, I typically see that as two distinct categories, learning to become proficient in ritual, the words and floor work if you will. The other, is learning how masonry helps us grow and learn about ourselves. This is the contemplative side. The thought provoking ideas of who we are and how we discover that within the context of the lodge.

    Great work brothers!

    1. Thanks for sharing your reflections and kind words, Brother Hunt! I’m sure many people can relate to that experience of having more questions after listening carefully to the lectures. Even after 36 years of being a Mason, I keep hearing them with new ears!

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