Mystical Awakening & Psychosocial Wellness

The purpose of this post is to present some personal observations on the title’s themes and encourage you to consider how they might be relevant to you and what you have witnessed among others.

Hallmarks of Being on a Mystical Path

Such hallmarks are the outward evidence of the ways in which one’s soul is being transformed. (The word “way” is being intentionally emphasized here.)

NOT a Chamber of Reflection?

If you are familiar with the Chamber of Reflection, then you are also probably aware that many people have strong feelings about it, for and against.

News About My Forthcoming Book

Whereas my first two books provide guidance on a general contemplative engagement with Masonry, and my third presents theurgical work in relationship to the Rose Croix Degree of the AASR, this book dives straight into the deep end of Masonry as a potential path of mystical realization.

Embracing the Mysteries of Pain

This piece relates to a basic existential problem, which is how we can respond to the sufferings of life so that me may know life’s beauty and bliss more fully.

On Tradition vs. Progress, and Other Conflicts

In a social media group focused on the Rosicrucian (R+C) movement, I recently expressed my appreciation to a poster who highlighted one of the conflicts confronted in that movement, and specifically how it impacted the Order of the Gold and Rosy Cross in the late 1700s.

Patterns in Contemplative Life, Part 5: Contemplation, Virtue, and Light

Just as we previously noted that contemplative practice can lead us to more fully appreciate our lack of complete self-awareness and self-control, it can also lead us to more clearly perceive that the ordinary processes of conscious cognition are not the only things happening in our psyches.