Attachment Style & Spirituality

In this piece we look at attachment styles discussed in psychology, and look for clues about how they might shape the spiritual paths people select.

NOT a Chamber of Reflection?

If you are familiar with the Chamber of Reflection, then you are also probably aware that many people have strong feelings about it, for and against.
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News About My Forthcoming Book

Whereas my first two books provide guidance on a general contemplative engagement with Masonry, and my third presents theurgical work in relationship to the Rose Croix Degree of the AASR,…

Embracing the Mysteries of Pain

This piece relates to a basic existential problem, which is how we can respond to the sufferings of life so that me may know life’s beauty and bliss more fully.

On The Shadows of Masonry

Masonry is a tradition of philosophical and spiritual light. It paints beautiful pictures about love and virtue, tells inspiring stories from the mythic and historic past about them, and

A Masonic Response to Media Manipulation

The purpose of this piece is to explore how we can use Masonic principles to avoid or extract ourselves from being caught in the webs of psychological manipulation constantly being…

Spiritual Knighthood for the Common Good

Spiritual Knighthood for the Common Good Originally published in the September 2020 edition of The Oklahoma Scottish Rite Mason magazine. The title of this piece highlights a theme of immense…

Remembering John Miller

This morning, January 2, 2021, I got some sad news. My teacher, mentor, and dear friend, John F. Miller, III, passed away last night from COVID.

Genuine Shadow Work

After I posted a recent essay, Ego, Self-Improvement, and Shadow Work, a brother engaged me in an interesting discussion.

Ego, Self-Improvement, and Shadow Work

As a practitioner of contemplation, my attention is often drawn to the ego, that sense of my separate identity in the world, including the picture of myself as a more…

A Clarification on CM Exercises 1.1-1.5

Since the publication of Contemplative Masonry, I have occasionally received feedback that indicates a misunderstanding of intention for the exercises on mindful and prayerful behavior.
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Contemplative Workshops & Retreats

Since publishing Contemplative Masonry, I have traveled the country, doing presentations about contemplative practice for lodges and other Masonic and non-Masonic groups.

A Letter to Petitioners and Candidates

What follows was written for a close friend who just got a petition. As I was writing, I realized it might be valuable to a larger audience, so I’m putting…

Reflections on the Feast of Tishri

This annual Scottish Rite event celebrates the completion and dedication of King Solomon’s Temple, which is of utmost importance to Freemasonry, and certainly to the Scottish Rite.

On Poor Public Conduct by Masons

Recently I was browsing through social media and had occasion to recall that the essential documents and rituals of our tradition teach many things about how Masons should conduct themselves.

On Varieties of Masonic Esotericists

Masonic esotericists come in many varieties, and there are numerous ways of differentiating them into groups. For the moment, consider the following five categories:

Memento Mori: Masonry & Ego Death

Among those of us who might be called contemplatives, esotericists, or philosophers in Masonry, there is often talk of the ego. Defining the ego can itself be messy business.

The Radicalism of Contemplative Practice

Lots of people, regardless of where they stand politically, are feeling tested by the social climate of their nation and world. When I dialogue with people about such matters, one…

You Will Know When You Know

Today I want to share with you a reflection on a meditation I did nearly a year ago. It was an imagined visit with a character who represents great wisdom…

Contemplative Experiments in Masonry

It is often emphasized that the greatest benefits of contemplative practice come with sustained routine work. While I agree with that observation, I have also personally experienced and witnessed the…

Wielding the Contemplative Gavel

We talk a lot about virtues in Masonry, and for good reason. As the school of positive psychology persuasively argues, human beings fulfill more of their potentials and dreams by…

Making the Most of the Masonic Catechism

In Bro. Robert Davis’s recent TLP article, “What Came You Here to Do?”, he reminded his readers of one of the first and most important questions and answers we encounter…

Engaging the Risks of Contemplative Practice

Across all great spiritual traditions, there are warnings about risks in contemplative practices. This article explores some of those risks and associated problems, all of which I have personally experienced…